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Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

A wood fired pizza oven from Lithic Fire is the ideal way to enhance your garden and get much more from being outdoors. For keen cooks, wood fired ovens can be used for far more than pizza alone and offer a great opportunity to explore a new type of cooking with dishes including roasts and bakes, bread too. On the other hand, if you’re mainly a big pizza fan, it will enable you to really indulge your passion with style. Pizza from your own wood fired pizza oven just tastes superb!

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Considerations

When it comes to thinking about your pizza oven there are several things to consider, in particular the material it is built from, the size of oven you prefer and the overall design; do you want an oven to stand on its own or would you like a food preparation area and extra storage space to be built in with it?

Once you’ve decided upon that, you can be really creative and design how your oven will look and have something unique to you! There are lots of ideas here to draw upon to design your own individual oven or outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens for Every Occasion

A small oven like our Naples 600 will fit simply into most gardens to make an attractive
feature and enhance your entertaining area. If you want something more or you are
planning an outdoor kitchen then one of our larger wood fired pizza ovens will be an
essential part of it and we are always happy to discuss bespoke options. The medium
sized Milan 750 would be a perfect answer, while our largest oven the Roma 900 is ideal for commercial settings with very generous cooking space.

Whichever option you choose, it will enable to you entertain your family, friends and guests in style. Take your outdoor living to the next level!

How Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Work

Our ovens are a tried and tested design, incorporating recycled materials from the potteries selected to give strength, reduce weight in handling and provide high insulation properties.
Using such materials also helps to keep the cost down.

The traditional design enables the oven to work at maximum efficiency, reaching up to at
least 600oC and easy to use. The shape of the dome draws fire over the top of it, pulling in cooler air to feed the fire and which is heated from below, building up a flow of circulating hot air. Heat is radiated from above, while the base retains the heat and the temperature rises for cooking.

The oven can be ready to cook in 30-40 mins. You can slow cook stews etc, at cooler
temperatures, then raise the heat for chargrilled vegetables, breads, pizzas, steaks and
more. Insulated doors are available and they include a thermometer. If you are baking in the oven up to about 300 degrees Centigrade you may wish to use one, above that it probably isn’t necessary as pizzas cook so fast. At 450oC pizza cooks in about a minute or so, meaning that even our smallest sized oven enables you to make plenty of pizzas for your hungry guests very quickly. Make the most of family time and share freshly cooked, home made wood fired pizza!

Our Range of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

To put it simply, we offer 3 different oven sizes and supply them as kits, either as the oven
ready to build round with stone, brick or render.

Prices are for the oven kits only, building materials are not included because your oven will be unique to you and your garden.

A small selection of our wood fired outdoor pizza ovens