Milano 750




Supplied as oven kit only, this very popular size works well either as a larger domestic oven or in a commercial setting.

Oven Kit includes:
Seven-piece refractory oven
Pre-cut 2” refractory bricks for the oven floor
Insulation Kit – Kiln blanket, Vapour barrier, chicken wire
KOS fireproof 1250c cement
Stove enamelled flue 125mm x 500mm (Longer lengths are available)

The kits are delivered by carrier on a pallet from a tail lift lorry and can be moved by 2 strong people, but ideally you might like to have a couple of friends handy too. You can thank them later with a home made wood fired pizza! The dome is less than 500 x 850mm so carrying it through a narrow access point should not be difficult. Because perlite is used to reduce the weight and provide excellent insulation properties, there may be some visible pock marks and chips to the edges. This is normal and does not affect the performance of the oven at all. You are going to be covering it soon in stone, brick or render.

Always take care to lift and carry safely.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg