Outdoor Kitchens

If you are considering a garden or patio makeover, you may want to design in elements that enable you and your family to enjoy the benefits of spending more time outdoors. Barbecue areas are very popular and a growing trend now in this country is to develop that idea into an outdoor kitchen.  As specialists in stone, we can help you to achieve your desire.

It is possible to have a sink with worktops, storage, water supply and drainage all connected. Power for lighting and appliances can be added, opening up the possibility of refrigeration. All of this can be covered over, giving protection from the elements. Covers can range from a simple pergola giving partial coverage and some shading to fully automatic roof systems that can open and close by remote control.

Make sure that there is ample space for food preparation. You won’t want to have to walk back and forth to the kitchen or garden table taking all your food with you. Building the outdoor kitchen near to the house means that less time is spent going in and out of the kitchen, if you don’t have an outdoor fridge for example. As a rule, outdoor kitchens are best situated fairly close to the house and always on level decking or a patio. Look to position yours against a brick wall (not wooden fencing for obvious reasons).

Whatever space you have, start with a barbecue and have a work surface beside it. Choose between a gas or charcoal barbecue, bearing in mind that gas well be easier to keep clean and gives you the option of using it all year round. Perhaps look for a design that features a rotisserie for slow-roasting meats – great for summer barbecues or Sunday lunches. Storage cabinets are always a handy extra for storing utensils and cookware, while other optional add-ons can include a pizza oven, outdoor sink with taps and even a fridge.

If you’re good at DIY, there’s nothing stopping you from building your own cooking area, incorporating a fire pit into the design, with cabinets, worktops and shelving made from weatherproof materials such as wood, stainless steel and brick. With a fire pit delivered in kit form, make this the centrepiece and start building out from there maybe adding features over time, working out what works best for you, instead of trying to do everything at once.