Garden Seating

A popular addition to a garden or patio is a seating area so you and your family can relax and enjoy the benefits of outdoor living. You can purchase seating in a variety of materials from garden centres and specialist retailers. However, if you are considering the purchase of a stone fire pit why not also have a seating area in matching stone?

Seating can be built to your individual specification and taste; in high quality stone, it will be a long lasting and attractive addition to your home and garden. Just like the fire pit, there is no need to hide it away at the end of a season. Having permanent seating gives the opportunity to plan other garden features around it. Planting can be used to soften the features and add a splash of colour to the space.

Seating, like a stone wall, can be used to mark out a boundary between different areas of the garden. It can form an edge to a patio space before a lawn or border begins. With a back built into the seating, again like a wall, shelter from cool breezes can be provided. Also, spaces can be provided under the seating to form log stores. (Or places to store those all-important drinks)

A good size is a semi-circle. Big enough to seat a good number of people but not dominating and hiding the fire pit. Larger areas can be almost all the way around, just leaving a gap for an entrance and exit.

Stone seating can make an impressive focal point to a patio area and, if you are considering adding other features such as an outdoor kitchen or spa pool, can complement these structures.