Garden Features

As specialists in stone, we can advise and build a range of garden features for you to enhance and transform your outdoor space so you get the most from using it.

Whatever the size of your plot, carefully chosen design features can make all the difference to your garden and make the most of its setting, giving it individual character and style.

Such features might include steps built in real stone to connect different parts of the garden and lead the eye through a change of levels and clever planting.  If you are fortunate enough to have a small stream, another attractive way of achieving a link between areas is with a simple stone bridge, both practical and charming.

Another possibility is a standing stone, strategically placed of course.  If the stone has a rough surface like sandstone, you can paint or spray it with a 50/50 yogurt and water mix and it should encourage mosses to grow to enhance the aged appearance of the surface. 

And if you happen to have a larger area that you’re wondering what to do with?  Maybe you’d like to do something useful with it but you don’t really need it for your own purposes?  Let us build you a wildlife tower or barn owl tower!  Talk to us about your ideas, whatever they may be and we will be delighted to help.