Can I cook on it?

The first need was for heat. Then we thought this would be great if we could include a grill. Each kit comes with a stainless steel grill that folds in the middle to allow you to cook and continue to keep the fire burning, all day and night if you wish. The smaller size equates to an average BBQ size as it has a 450mm liner and grill. The larger size has a 610mm liner and grill so could cook for many more people.


What size is it?

There are two standard sizes, 1200mm and 800mm diameter. Each is 350mm high. We decided on standard sizes because accessories like the grills have to be purchased in large quantities. So we cannot provide a grill for any size of firepit. However, if you want a firepit for heat and not cooking; or you can provide your own grill, then we can make almost any size you want.


How many people can sit around a firepit?

The 800mm size: 4 to 6 people. The 1200mm size; 6 to 10 people. If thinking about fixed seating, leave a distance of about 600mm mnimum between the edge of the seats and the firepit, to allow for safe movement around the firepit. The firepit height is designed at 350mm to be just below most garden seating (450mm to 500mm seat height) so that you get maximum benefit of the heat coming up.


Doesn't it need holes for air?

If you think of a typical garden barbecue, they are often designed in a bowl or tray shape, without any holes for ventilation. Lithic Fire uses a steel liner without holes for the same design reason. Like a barbecue, our firepit design is great for cooking as it allows a slow burn of wood or charcoal over a long period, allowing an even intensity of heat. If there were ventilation holes in the liner, the fuel would burn more intensely but for a much shorter period.

Can a firepit be fitted in decking?

Yes, with some design criteria. A solid, non-combustible plinth will need to be built into the decking area of a size just larger than the firepit. The plinth can be built of concrete block, brick or stone. Build the plinth up level with the top surface of the decking and then build the firepit on the plinth. 


Is a Lithic Fire firepit safe?

Safety is a prime consideration. The design incorporates a width of stone between the steel liner that contains the fire and the outside of the firepit. This stone becomes very hot near the liner but unlike metal bowls, stays cool on the outside. A heavy steel lid is also provided for closure. This makes a Lithic Fire firepit very safe but, as with all sources of heat, you must exercise great care in lighting and operation, especially if children or pets are around the firepit. We have sold several models to places of learning so that children can be taught about fire in as safe an environment as possible.