Special Offer!

When buying and cutting stone for firepits, it is difficult to judge exactly how much to buy because the handcraft element means there will be waste, some stones will have weaknesses that cannot be seen until you start working the stone and then crack! and start again.

In order to get over this I buy extra stone to allow for wastage. If I have been careful in cutting and all goes well, stone builds up and I seem to have been careful recently! There is enough stone to make a firepit but it does not all match because it has been bought at different times and even within the same quarry, stone can vary in colour and texture in different parts of the quarry.

I am offering a 800mm diameter firepit in the same quality grey sandstone that I use regularly. For the reasons above, there is some colour variation. Therefore I am reducing the retail price by £250, down from £545 to £295. This is a one-off but may be repeated as stone builds up after cutting. Get in touch if you wish to buy this special offer firepit which is similar to the model shown in the attached photo.


Ivor Scott