Choosing a fire pit

I am often asked about the different styles of fire features available on the market in the UK.

A Fire Pit can come in a variety of different styles and price. First thing to decide is if you want it to be fixed in position, say as part of a larger outdoor living project, or portable so that you can move it around or even pack it away at times.

A large Stone Fire Pit is best for a dedicated space and gives you the opportunity to have seating built around it, either in stone, brick or including timber. Another possibility is to purchase outdoor furniture to go with the fire pit and this may give more flexibility as this could be moved, say, to open up or close off space around the fire pit. Also easier to change seating of this type if you wish to change the look of the space from time to time.

Fire pits made from metal vary from simple bowl shape to large installations including features such as work surfaces and log storage. These are often made from rust resistant Corten steel, a favourite with garden designers, and a great material for outdoor use. Metal fire pits are more portable, giving more flexibility, especially where space is at a premium.

Finally, Fire Tables are very popular in the USA right now. Often including a gas burner that gives instant and easily controlled heat. Models are available ‘off the shelf’ and there are options to be creative and build your own project. Excellent again if space is limited and you want to be able to have a dining area as well as the comforting warmth of a fire pit to extend your time outdoors.

Ivor Scott