Pub Time....

Latest order is from a building firm in Norfolk. They want a stone fire pit for a local pub. However they want it to be gas powered, normally our kits are for wood or charcoal burning. Not a problem.

The builders have sourced a gas burner and I have a conversion kit to fit the exact model of gas burner that they have ordered. It is a simple matter of replacing the steel liner with a slightly larger diameter liner and cutting the top stones in a different pattern. All in a days work.

If you have a commercial premises such as a pub with a beer garden or a restaurant with outside dining space, this could be a great option as gas is easily controllable, a boon for busy staff who can flick a switch to light the fire pit and then can get on with service. Chef!

Gas can also be useful if you prefer a table top version. The photo below shows a happy group of diners around their magnificent table made of reclaimed oak planks. At the centre is a clever little burner that sits in its own square stainless steel tray that is simple to fit and has its own glass surround for those windier evenings. Rated at 14Kw, it may be small but gives out quite a welcoming warmth, perfect to attract, and keep, those discerning diners.

Ivor Scott