Lithic Fire

Natural Stone Fire Pit

Lithic is the name for natural stone fire pit designs, built to last. We make the outdoors warm and inviting. Our range of products includes elegant and stylish natural stone fire pit designs and BBQ areas, seating, walls and more.

Everything we build is made in Great Britain. Beautiful, hard-wearing stone is sourced from long established and highly skilled quarries in the North of England and beautifully crafted into a stone fire pit to complement your garden.

Elegant Living - Finest Natural Stone Fire Pit

Lithic delivers contemporary elegant solutons for living outdoors – even in the Great Britsh Climate, bringing you a natural stone fire pit that looks as good as it warms.

Lithic is dedicated to bringing you the finest natural stone to create the best fire pit to enhance your great outdoors. Lithic is not just another landscaper – we exist to simply bring you the best and pride in the job is second nature.

Stone Fire Pit

Finest British Stone Fire Pit

The logs gently glow as the flames flicker into the night. Your eyes can’t help but be drawn back to the warming flames – our stone fire pits are designed to enhance your enjoyment of the garden and outdoor living through the year. You can use them just for warmth and light with blazing logs or you can celebrate food and family events, cooking your favourite dishes to share with friends.

We believe we offer the best fire pit kits for you to safely build your own fire pit with your own materials, or kits with hand cut stone supplied ready to easily assemble.

We can even install for you and build matching seating too!

Natural Stone Fire Pit from Great Britain

The stone we use is exclusively British, various types of sandstone from the north of England, It has been here for over 300 million years. It is suited to our climate. It is hard wearing and both a real pleasure to work with and to admire.

The quarries used by Lithic have been worked in an unbroken heritage for over 150 years and take a responsible approach to environmental sustainability. We offer a choice of standard colours, new buff or aged grey York stone.

Oxidised Steel Fire Pit Liner

Thick steel to contain the fire and protect the fire pit stone from the high levels of heat produced by burning wood or charcoal.


Our unique firepit kits when supplied by us complete with the stone are designed to keep the heat within the firepit. The outside stone does not become hot, so children are safer with this design. A heavy lid comes with the kit to close off the hot embers after use.

You can have your firepit on any level non – flammable surface, please contact us for advice if you have decking.

A small selection of our natural stone fire pit kits and designs

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