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A Lithic Fire Natural Stone Firepit Kit.

You can make it. We just made it easy.


A natural stone firepit from Lithic Fire gives exactly the heat you need, precisely where you need it.


A Lithic Fire natural stone firepit comes in kit form allowing you to create the firepit that you need, without breaking out the hammer and chisel. With a functional steel liner to protect the expertly crafted stone, a removeable stainless steel grill, and a steel lid, the Lithic Fire firepit is the only firepit you'll ever need for country or urban life. 

Lithic Fire has developed a very simple firepit design of a substantial steel liner with high quality natural stone built around. If the stone was exposed to direct flame, it would certainly deteriorate with time and could even break up. The liner is thick enough to prevent damage to the beautiful stone that has been cut to fit closely around to make the firepit.

Lithic Fire uses mainly high quality sandstones from long established UK quarries. This type of stone is used to all that the British weather can throw at it and matches well with most patio materials and other garden features. Other stone types can be sourced, please enquire. 

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The firepit arrived safely yesterday lunchtime. We had it built (thanks to your excellent instructions) in about 1 1/2 hours and are absolutely delighted with it. many thanks for your excellent service.
— J.F., Guildford
Looks great and works a treat.
— L.P., Cheshire
Thanks again and we will recommend you to all our friends and family.
— Liz, Hartlepool.
It’s absolutely brilliant, works perfectly and is a cracking centrepiece.
— J.F, Swindon.

Elements Kit

If you really enjoy a challenging firepit project, Lithic Fire has the kit for you. Lithic can supply a steel liner to contain the fire at the centre of a firepit that both acts as a guide and protects the valuable materials that you choose to build your firepit. The firepit, seating and patio shown here was built by a customer using his own stone. All that Lithic Fire supplied was the steel liner.